When I was in Berlin last month, @sonniesedge pointed out that we were in the neighbourhood where Victoria was filmed. Tonight I finally got to see it. 2 hours and 18 minutes of drama in one single take. Just incredible.


Love that I can walk to the end of my street, and pop into the Duke of York’s to watch a film. I should do it more often!

Just seen Ink – a play about Rupert Murdoch and his purchase of ‘The Sun’ – with his current wife sat just a few rows behind me. She’ll have approved, as Bertie Cavel depicts him in a remarkably good light. Less so the monsters he created.




Away to Galway

In need of a break, I headed to Galway and the far western reaches of the British Isles.

Poor @aajhiggs. Thought he could enjoy a quiet pint, instead got me ranting about the performance of his website—and more besides! 😆‬

This bank holiday I have mostly been… pointing my camera at bluebells, on the Arlington Bluebell Walk.


Posting to my new microblog from the Micro.blog iOS app. If everything’s setup correctly, this will cross-post to Twitter, also. 🤞🏻

Getting started with Micro.blog. First decision, to import tweets or not to import tweets? I suspect that by hosting content on my own site – and given the slightly longer format also – the content (and possibly tone) of my micro posts will be different to that of any previous tweets. For that reason, think I’ll avoid importing my Twitter archive, at least for now.


Paradise Lost

I had braced myself for its eventual fate, but seeing footage of Birmingham Central Library being demolished still brought a tear to my eye.


Sharing is Caring

I’m attempting to deal with the string of unfortunate events in current affairs by being more generous.