Berlin Bound

It occurred to me the other day that it’s been almost ten years since I moved to the South Coast, briefly living in Littlehampton before settling in Brighton. This milestone coincides with thoughts to the future, and whether I want to remain in Brighton for the foreseeable, or look for my next adventure.

The year following my move south, I embarked on a three-week train journey around Europe and ever since have looked for excuses to return. Indeed, a chief goal of going freelance was to find projects based in Europe; to not have accomplished this has been a growing source of frustration. As the clock inexorably ticks down to Brexit, my hand has been forced: it’s now or never.

So, with one eye towards a possible relocation, later this week I head to Berlin. During a two-week stay, I’ll be attending events and meeting people who will hopefully show me what the city has to offer a hybrid designer/developer like myself. Then, I’m off to Malmö for Confront conference, my eyes remaining open to opportunities that may lie elsewhere in Europe. Before returning home, I’ll spend a few days in Hamburg, crossing another German city off my list of places to visit.

Who knows if this venture will turn up anything interesting. I do know that I’ll have to be a little more open-minded, outgoing and pro-active than usual for this trip to be a success. But if nothing else, I’ll have ample opportunity to build up my score in Duolingo; I really enjoyed practising German when I was in the capital last year.

Anyway, if you’re in Berlin and would like to meet-up, please get in touch, either here or via Twitter or I’m excited to see what opportunities I can uncover.