Time for a Redesign

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve begun to think about a redesign of this site. People sometimes say nice things about it, but I’m keenly aware of its flaws.

The most apparent of which is the lack of information regarding projects I’ve worked on over the last three years of freelancing. I really should start writing and producing some new case studies. During that time, I have also got a better sense of what drives me professionally; the things I believe, the type of work I like to do, and the sort of clients I want to work with. None of which is demonstrated on the site as it stands today.

My desire to embark on a redesign has also been brought about by the recent integration of microblog posts – what I’ve been terming ‘notes’ – and my renewed interest in blogging more generally. With that in mind, and being careful not to hold myself to any promises, I’m going to try and write about the changes and decisions I’m making as I go along, in a series of short posts. Do follow along, if you’d like.