Channel 4 News

Reinventing Channel 4’s news presence on the iPad

Broadcast weeknights at 7pm, Channel 4 News is noted for its award-winning coverage of international news and extensive current affairs reporting.

After redesigning their website, Channel 4 wished to reimagine the Channel 4 News service for tablet and smartphone users. While it would have been easy to repurpose the website, research showed that tablet users demonstrated a more leisurely approach that pointed towards a visually rich, linear solution.

With this insight, and working alongside James Bates and James Box at Clearleft, I created an engaging browsing mechanism driven by story headlines and high quality imagery. This made it easy for users to casually flip through stories, homing in on anything that caught the eye.

Category, special report and catch-up sections within the app

Shortly after its launch Apple featured the app as App of the Week. In a few short weeks the application received over one hundred positive reviews, with an average rating of 4.5 stars.