Lego, board games, playgrounds, hide and seek, digging holes, building sandcastles and bodyboarding… after a week in Brazil playing with my three wonderful nieces, returning to Britain (somewhat bitten and burnt) having rediscovered my inner child!

My favourite feature of Brazilian bathrooms is electrical sockets in showers. Mixing electricity and water? Está bem!

Always Leave the Table a Little Hungry

Finally watched The Trip to Spain on my flight over to São Paulo. Had already seen the first few episodes, and thought this instalment lacked charm of the first two; watching this feature-long edit only cemented those concerns. This series has clearly run out of ideas, as evidenced by the weirdly drawn out conclusion. I’m full.

When I was in Berlin last month, @sonniesedge pointed out that we were in the neighbourhood where Victoria was filmed. Tonight I finally got to see it. 2 hours and 18 minutes of drama in one single take. Just incredible.

Love that I can walk to the end of my street, and pop into the Duke of York’s to watch a film. I should do it more often!

Just seen Ink – a play about Rupert Murdoch and his purchase of ‘The Sun’ – with his current wife sat just a few rows behind me. She’ll have approved, as Bertie Cavel depicts him in a remarkably good light. Less so the monsters he created.