New & Improved



Impressive redesign. Your initial idea to place more focus on the content really shines through. I’ve been taking a look at your source code and CSS styling. It’s only now that I notice the responsive design while resizing my browser. Have you noticed any differences in your traffic coming from mobile visitors? Time on site, numbers of pages viewed, that sort of thing.

Paul Lloyd

Thanks for the feedback everybody, especially those who suggested improvements:

@Francis: I’ve added a gutter to the right of maps on narrower displays that should make it easier to scroll past.

@Ilias: I’m glad you mentioned the >1400px layout. The design is fully flexible at widths below ~1024px, but I didn’t feel comfortable going flexible above this value, partly for fear of overly long line lengths, and partly for a desire to retain one ‘true layout’. I’m inclined to think there’s a point where responsive designs can stop, that they needn’t be infinite.

However, the larger >1400px view was designed with a full-screen display in mind, where a users may want a ‘lean-back’ experience. The snap is a little jarring, but hopefully that is countered by the extreme width at which this appears. To be honest, this is all subject to review, and I may well change it in the future. What do you think of this type of responsiveness?

Thanks for the heads-up about hover states in the navigation. I’ve fixed those now.


Great work.

Is there a specific reason the grid “snaps” when going from +1400px to -1400px? I think @beep called it “switchy”. Also no visual hoverstates on the main nav?

Just curious about the why :)

Oh and the manually having to enter “http://” on the website field in the comment form. The devil’s in the details ;)

Simon Edwards

The newly designed site is looking beautiful Paul, but then I really shouldn’t expect anything less should I? Clear, concise and easy to navigate. I could go on but I know you wouldn’t like that.

Well done on a great job.


This is a great redesign, really like it a lot. One problem I’ve found is with the embedded maps on an iPhone. The map is so too wide to be able to scroll past it. I ended up only being able to scroll the map continually downwards so couldn’t get to the rest of the article.

Other than that, it’s excellent.