A Greener Conference Badge for dConstruct


Paul Robert Lloyd

@Ian: ‘Ban’ may be too strong a word, but we found putting hundreds of swag bags together more hassle than it was worth (in addition to it being a wasteful enterprise). There will be badges, t-shirts and other gifts available from our sponsors stands, but these are for you to pick-up rather than be forced upon you.

Ian Wootten

Lovely to see dConstruct’s attempts to minimise the impact that such an event has on the environment. Does banning swag bags mean banning all swag at the event too?

@Drew: Too many items for pockets or traditional wallets?

Drew McLellan

The design looks great, although it does omit one useful feature of the plastic wallet - the ability to store various business cards/stickers/wotnot that you inevitably pick up through the course of the day.

Looking forward to seeing how it works in practice!