An Opportunity For Change


Paul Annett

Unfortunately, Barry, there are far more people less educated than Paul who’re voting purely based on what’s on the front of The Sun. You should be delighted he takes an active interest and has the wherewithall to make up his own mind rather than following the Murdoch herd.

Of course, Murdoch’s papers will encourage you to vote for the party which lines his wallet with rich-get-richer tax breaks and allowing political lobbying so he can effectively pass laws in his favour. Don’t believe what you read in the press!

As for your argument that the Lib Dems would fail due to inexperience: even with experience Labour and Tory governments have managed to make a pigs ear of things. Maybe a lack of experience and a fresh pair of eyes is exactly what this country needs.

Barry Lloyd

How log winded can you get? I have never heard so much rubbish from someone who hasn’t studed the political history of the United Kingdom and is barely out of short pants.

The Labour party got us into near bankruptcy the last time in power by borrowing up to the hilt from the International Monetary Fund, same as this time. The Liberals have no idea how to govern as they have never been in power in recent times so can blow off loads of nonsense knowing full well any intelligent person would see right through them.

It’s only the Conserative party that encourages companies which leads to more jobs and eventually the wealth of the UK. It took them 15 years or so to get the country out of the last mess and built up a national financial reserve for any bad time to come, which Labour spent as if there is no tomorrow.

This has been justfied by the results that voting Liberal is a wasted vote and their policies have been rejected by the electorate.

Tim Print

Summed up pretty well Paul. Found myself agreeing with you on most of this. I’ll be voting LibDem this Thursday like I usually do.

The difference this time is the glimmer of hope that it might count for something. I’m in one of the safest Tory seats in the country, Stratford-on-Avon (last election, Con 51%, LibDem 27%, Labour 15% ). With a new, non-local, candidate for the Tories who has been sent by the party because they assume it’s a safe seat, I think this is the best chance in years for a change.

It would take a massive swing but there’s definitely a glimmer there.


Great write up Paul.

I’ve been a Liberal Democrat voter since my first eligible election in 1997.

I’d say I was left wing – I come from a family of die-hard socialists and communists – and I’m old enough to remember the systematic dismantling of the working classes under Thatcher in the name of free markets. But Labour abandoned their working class roots after the resignation of Neil Kinnock – the greatest Prime Minister Britain never had (thanks to the media cabal) – and then the sudden death of John Smith.

For me the Liberal Democrats – that used to be the Social Democrat party and the Liberals (Whigs) – have since 1994 been the closest thing we can expect to an honest party that will fairly represent the needs of the British people rather than the pockets of those who are already in positions of power and privilege.

What has been great in this election is not the role of (cough) social media – I think it’s still too immature to have had a significant impact on the electorate in this election – but placing the leaders of the three political parties on a level platform when the media have hitherto been so obsessed with affiliating to either side of a two-party race.

The outcome for me is that for the first time since 1997 I’m not being told that voting Liberal Democrat is a wasted vote. Now that’s a refreshing change!