Simply Walsall


Edward Black

Regarding the new Walsall Council logo. I’m (not) sorry to say that it isn’t as good as its predecessor. During my thirty years in the business I’ve always found that imagination is free.

Dan Slee

Thanks for the positive feedback (although I’m not quite sure about the Womble reference, Angie!).

The logo was re-designed in 2004 by our in-house Print & Design team. This was to make the logo less busy and more accessable to people.

It’s black and white to minimise reproduction costs although the Mayor’s Office is entitled to use a version that has a colour crest.

It was very much a conscious decision to rebrand as ‘Walsall Council’ rather than the legally accurate but its-a-mouthful-to-say-it ‘Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council.’

Legally, we remain Walsall MBC but there was a drive to refer to ourselves as Walsall Council across all media. It’s simpler. It is, afterall, also what residents refer to us as.

I’m told that the designer responsible in Kevin Williams team was one Steve Bagley.

Dan Slee Walsall Council press office Twitter: @walsallcouncil

Kevin Williams

The re-working of the Walsall Council logo was the work of my graphics team in the in-house Walsall Council Print and Design Unit. We branded the council back in 2004 and continue to manage the brand development. Thanks for your kind comments.

Angie Tuffill

The new council logo looks a bit like a womble if you squint your left eye! I like it!


I like the new Walsall College logo. I dont really like any of the Council logos, but thats just my unprofessional design opinion.